Post Lockdown Update

Following on from the Blog below… I do love making sure people are happy…

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Post Lockdown

So finally we are back to dancing. Lockdown is over and the parties can recommence. It has been an incredibly tough time for everybody in the entertainment industry. Overnight we lost everything (we lost dancing!!).
Myself and all of my fellow DJ's suddenly had to stop doing the jobs that we love and adore, to find an alternative income. I myself had to take what my wife would call 'a real job', which surprisingly opened my eyes to a whole new world. All of a sudden I realised that there were two seven o'clocks in the day, doing the school run had to happen to school as well. Not just the ten past three pick up! Family breakfasts together, time with my family, having time off on the weekends…
This has meant a whole change for myself as a DJ. No longer do I have to work five nights a week until 3 or 4AM.
I now can choose to do events that I want to do. I can bring that Dj Gary Sulter experience to some more of the amazing venues around the county now that I am not tied to a nightclub on a Saturday night.
I have already done a few fantastic weddings since we have been able to party again. Lets hope the fun times continue….

Here's to the PARTY!!!

Oxnead Hall wedding funNorfolk wedding Disco, Dj Gary Sulter

New Website

So, finally i have got round to updating the website and a re-brand.
Due to there being a few other people that have websites and business names very close to East Anglia Events I have decided to change it completely. Do not worry or panic if you have an event or party booked with East Anglia Events, thats all still booked in but just moved under my new name of Gary Sulter Entertainments…
If you are looking to book a party or event please contact us to discuss options and packages, I now have some amazing packages and fantastic deals for any mid-week weddings too.

2018 is looking like a huge year, lots of news and announcements coming soon :)

Gary x

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Buckenham Air Show

Wow... This weekend just goes on...

Suppyling sound for the VIP guests and then the staff and workers after party was just amazing... Helicopter rides, amazing ariel stunts and tank rides... Who’s says our job isn’t fun :)

5000 people a day and we loved every minute of it... We cannot wait for this award winning layout to return next year..
- Gary xx

Airshow images

Norwich Pride

We were honoured that the boss Gary Sulter was asked to Dj and stage manage the 9th annual Norwich Pride this year... 1000’s of people marched around Norwich and then headed to Chaplefield gardens for an afternoon of full on fun..
It was full of colour and amazing characters. The stage ran to perfection and we had everything from Marge (Benidorm tv show) to Lady Gaga (tribute)... What a day and what amazing fun...

See you all next year

Norwich Pride